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Latin #Camp in Somerset, UK, for all levels July 22 – August 3 2013

Latin clinics and lectures on a varied range of latin/roman civilization topics in the quite settings of the Wells Cathedral School, within a lovely medieval town in Somerset.


The Latin Summer School offers students the opportunity for intensive language study, with tutors drawn from both schools and universities. Working in small groups arranged according to experience and ability, the school caters for students at every level from beginner to high-flyer. All meals and tuition are included in the residential fee. Accommodation is provided in shared rooms within boarding houses on the school site. Facilities include tennis courts and a swimming pool, with the local shops and market just a few minutes away.

The course is addressed to all levels  who will be assigned to different groups (absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced, even teachers).

This is part of the initiatives of JACT, the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, that also organizes other camps and courses that will be covered in later posts.

The minimum age is 16 but they seem to be flexible.

  • 12 days of concentrated focus on Latin language and culture
  • 3 formal teaching sessions per weekday (2 on Saturday), giving the chance to read whole texts, both prose and verse
  • A full programme of lectures on aspects of Roman life and literature, with speakers from universities and museums
  • Daily basic, advanced and “drop-in” grammar clinics’
  • The chance to meet university lecturers from a variety of Classics departments
  • Organised excursions to see the Roman sites at Bath and Caerleon / Caerwent

The tutors


Course Programme

8.00 – 8.45 BREAKFAST 5.20 – 6.20 Session 3
9.10 – 10.10 Session 1 6.00 – 7.00 SUPPER
11.40 – 12.40 Session 2 7.30 – 8.20 Evening Lecture
12.20 – 1.10 LUNCH 8.30 DVDs Shown
1.45 – 2.30 Grammar Clinic (optional) 10.45 U18s Curfew
2.30 – 5.00 Private Study Time 11.00 QUIET IN HOUSES
3.00 – 5.00 Drop-in Clinic (beginners)

Daily Variations – Clinics, Trips and Speakers

Mon July 22nd
5.40pm Welcome session / group allocation then supper
7.00-8.00pm Introductory teaching session – in classrooms
8.00pm Welcome party
Tues July 23rd
1.45pm Clinic: purpose / indirect command      Advanced Clinic: tackling tough texts
7.15pm Mr. Anthony Bowen, Jesus College, Cambridge –  The Sound of Latin 
Wed July 24th
1.45pm Clinic: fearing clauses     Advanced Clinic: scansion (elegiacs)
7.15pm Quiz Night!
Thurs July 25th
1.45pm Basic Clinic: result clauses      Advanced Clinic: gerunds and gerundives
7.15pm Dr. Llewelyn Morgan, Brasenose College, Oxford – Why Juvenal is Despicable and Why We Have to Read Him
Fri July 26th
1.45pm Clinic: conditional clauses     Advanced Clinic: miscellaneous uses of the subjunctive
7.15pm Dr. Amy Coker, Liverpool University – Ancient Impoliteness: How to Make Enemies and Alienate People in Ancient Rome and Greece                                                                                 
Sat July 27th
2.30pm Workshop on classical drama (optional) in drama studio (top of Ritchie garden)
5.00pm Optional talk on Caerleon and Caerwent (no session 3)
Sun July 28th
9.00am Breakfast and packed lunch collection
9.30am Coach for Caerleon and Caerwent (return c.5.30pm)
7.15pm Dr. John Smith – the Roman Army in South West England
Mon July 29th
3-5pm Grammar Book Service
1.45pm Clinic: participles (+ abl. abs.)      Advanced Clinic: extended oratio obliqua
7.15pm Mr. Stephen Bird, Head of Heritage Services, Bath –  The Baths and Temple of Aquae Sulis
Tues July 30th
All Day Hellenic Book Service
1.45pm Trip to Bath – time in the city during the day then visit to the Roman site in the evening
4.30pm Earlier lesson 3 start then straight to Supper at 5.30pm
2.15pm Trip to Bath – time in the city during the day then visit the Roman site in the evening
Wed July 31st
1.45pm Clinic: indirect statements      Advanced: more obscure case usages
7.15pm Dr. Joanna Paul, Open University –  Classics in the Movies
Thurs August 1st
1.45pm Basic Clinic: tackling a GCSE unseen     Advanced Clinic: prose composition
7.15pm Dr. Genevieve Lively, Bristol University – Sex Symbols: Interpreting Pompeian Pornography
Fri August 2nd
1.45pm Basic Clinic: tackling a GCSE unseen     Advanced Clinic: prose composition
7.30pm Staff production of a Plautus Play followed by Fancy Dress Party (big prizes!!)
Sat August 3rd
9.00am Normal teaching session (wind-up of texts if necessary or an unseen!)
10.00am Supervised cleaning, tidying and packing in houses
11.00am Back to classes for questionnaires / certificates
11.30am Plenary session in lecture room
12.00pm End of Latin Camp! 
12.30pm Coach departs for Bath Spa station

Course Costs

Course fee: Resident (tuition, meals & accommodation) £600

Non-resident (tuition only) £250

Early application is recommended as space is limited and last year’s summer school was over-subscribed.

Those who are interested in the Summer School but who have serious financial problems may also request a bursary application form – please email for this. Each year several bursaries are awarded but we expect you to request funds from your school, university and/or LEA first.

Here the direct link to the online application form

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