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#Classical Civilisation & Ancient #History #Summer #School – July 13th – 18th 2013

The 24th summer school will be held at Repton School from Saturday 13 July to Thursday 18 July 2013. The summer school is designed primarily for students aged 16-19 and will appeal to anyone interested in the literature, history and culture of the classical world. In 2012 68 students from 49 different schools and colleges attended the summer school, taught by 11 tutors who came from a wide range of schools and universities.


Whether you are about to go into the sixth form and would like to expand your knowledge of the ancient world, or have completed Year 12 and are making decisions about what to study at university, or have completed Year 13 and want to make a start on topics you will be taking for your degree, the JACT Classical Civilisation and Ancient History Summer School provides an excellent opportunity to:

  • learn about aspects of the Ancient World you have not previously studied
  • start Latin or Greek from scratch
  • prepare extracts of classical texts for performance
  • meet students with a shared interest in the Ancient World

The Programme

The summer school starts with registration at 4:00 pm on Saturday 13 July and ends at 10:30 am on Thursday 18 July, after a talk given by a visiting speaker.

There are six one-hour teaching sessions each the day (four in the morning, two in the afternoon), covering all the topics listed below. Most of the sessions are run as seminars, with students encouraged to take an active part in discussion. You take five options and are strongly encouraged to avoid topics which you have already studied in depth:  the sessions are designed as taster courses, not revision classes.
There is also an evening session when you prepare extracts from a comedy or a tragedy for performance on the last night of the course, or help backstage with set design and costumes.

There are two and a half hours of free time in the afternoon which you can use as you please, either for wider reading or for recreational activities.


An introduction to Greek comedy
An in-depth study of one Greek comedy
An introduction to Greek tragedy
An in-depth study of one Greek tragedy
Homer Iliad
Virgil Aeneid
Greek and Roman love poetryHistory
Minoans and Mycenaeans
Athens and Sparta
Alexander the Great
The rise and fall of the Roman Republic
Cicero – his life and times
The writing of history in the ancient worldPhilosophy
Philosophy ancient and modern
Socrates and the beginnings of philosophyLanguage
An introduction to ancient Greek
An introduction to Latin
Intermediate LatinArt and Architecture

Myths and storytelling

Daily schedule

The majority of the teaching takes place in the morning in order to create some space in the afternoons for private study and relaxation. The daily schedule is as follows:07:45    breakfast
08:30   teaching session 1
09:30   teaching session 2
10:25     break
10:50    teaching session 3
11:50     teaching session 4
13:00    lunch
14:00    teaching session 5
15:00    teaching session 6
16:00    free time
18:30    evening meal
19:30    rehearsals


The tuition fees for the course are £95, payable as a non-returnable deposit when you apply to the summer school. The charge for board and lodging is £210. This includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal, and also covers use of the school’s sports facilities. This charge is payable on acceptance of a place on the summer school and must be paid by Friday 31 May 2013.There is a charge of £8.00 for those taking the Derby-Repton coach. This is payable at the same time as the charge for board and lodging.All cheques should be made payable to ‘JACT CC & AH Summer School’ and sent to:
Mrs Emma Evans, 42 Alexandra Road, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 3AZIn the event of withdrawing from the summer school after making their final payment, applicants will receive a 50% refund if they withdraw more than 7 days before the start of the summer school and a 10% refund if they withdraw less than a week before the start of the summer school.


Please print off and fill in the appropriate application form. If you wish to apply for a grant, your grant application should be submitted at the same time you submit your application form. The final date for submitting an application is Friday 12 April 2013.
Together with your application form you need to send the following:

  • your initial deposit of £95 (cheques should be made payable to ‘The CC & AH Summer School’)
  • a passport-size photograph
  • an A5 stamped addressed envelope


Mrs Emma Evans, Course Secretary

42 Alexandra Road
St. Albans



The 60-70 students on the summer school are accommodated in two ‘houses’. Most of the rooms are singles or doubles, with very comfortable beds. Duvets are provided but towels are not.
All meals are served in The Abbey House where the summer school staff and students are looked after wonderfully by the kitchen staff. There is plenty of choice at every meal and all the food is cooked fresh on site.

Sports facilities

Repton School has extensive grounds and excellent sports facilities. These include a beautiful swimming-pool, which is available for use for an hour each day, and six tennis courts which you are free to use in the afternoons. There is also plenty of space to play football.

Repton Village

Repton was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mercia. Now it is a small village, but anything you forget to bring to the summer school can be bought in the local Post Office or Spar shop, which are two minutes’ walk from The Abbey. There is also a beautiful church, St Wystan’s, with a crypt dating back to the eighth century AD.

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