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Beware of ID Tech! Summer Camps with very mixed reviews

ID Tech is one of the best known organizations providing summer camps focusing on programming and digital technology for children and teens.

I looked into them for my kids and decided it was not what they were looking for (too skewed toward programming and videogames).

I re-examined them while searching for camps to recommend. The presentation is quite appealing but the reviews available on line are quite “polarized”, from terrible on one side to “fantastic” on the other side. It smelled a little fishy to me. The negative ones seemed more detailed and specific (therefore to me they sounded more authentic).

To come to a conclusion I asked a friend of mine, professor at MIT, who had sent his children to one of their camps. The response has been negative: the environment is good because they use campus facilities, but the organization and monitors are not adequate to the task.

So, while I cannot and do not want to pass a final judgement, It is my duty here to raise a “warning flag”. Make sure you speak to someone who has been there, or visit the campus and see it in action before committing to sending your kid.

Here is the link to their website

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